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Borough Market London

Borough Market

Borough Market is a food lover's paradsise and worthy of a London day trip for anybody that is passionate about their food. Housed in a number of halls in Southwark, The entrance to Borough Market is conveniently located as you leave London Bridge underground station (Click here for a london tube map)

Borough Market is open Thursday(11am-5pm), Friday(Noon-6pm) and Saturdays(9am-4pm) and is extremely busy so be prepared to queue (especially for something ready to eat at lunch time) and do battle with the crowds. The market boasts several butchers inclduing game and speciality meats, a couple of fishmongers, several fruit and veg stalls plus a dazzling array of speciality artisan producers of cheeses, breads, cakes, charcuterie, pastries, herbs and spices, chutneys, pies, wild mushrooms - the list is endless.

We visited the market for the first time on a saturday and arrived around 9:30am when the market seemed busy already but looking back by lunchtime it had been relatively quiet. We had decided to try the Roast restaurant for breakfast and then wander around at our leisure with no set agenda except to hopefully have some food to take home for the weekend. Our journey was just under two hours so we had taken a cool bag with ice coolers to keep any meat or fish chilled on the journey back.

There is a huge array of produce and it would be difficult to leave without being tempted many times over. I bought far nore cheese than I should have but it was just so tasty and they keep giving you little tasters everwhere you go! Every stall we stopped at the staff were friendly and extremely knowledgable on their products as you would expect. You really do have to visit yourself to appreciate the experience. In the end we bought some swordfish steaks and a whole crab from Furness Fish. The swordfish was extremely fresh and as good as you are ever going to get in London, generally all of the fish looked and smelt extremely fresh and they even had Sashimi quality tuna for sale. We also bought some fresh asparagus and new potatoes, check the recipes link to see how these were cooked. There was a wonderful matured parmesan cheese stall which I couldn't resist so we also bought some excellent beef mince with the plan to make a spaghetti bolognese with the parmesan.

Herbs and Spices

If you like using spices then a visit to Noel Fitz John's stall in the Green Market is a must with a dazzling array of excellent spices and spice mixes as well as some Naga chillies (these are incredibly hot but with a fantastic fruity floral aroma - use sparingly!)


When you have exhausted the stalls at borough market then nearby are Southwark Cathedral, Shakespeare's Globe theatre and The Golden Hinde (Click here for more info)

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